Friday, March 5, 2010

Hello Whole Foods

So, I went to Whole Foods Market last night because I have a cough and needed eucalyptus oil to put in my humidfier. Well, we all know how Whole Paycheck works. I escaped this time with only $20 worth of damage. 2 new cheeses ... Cypress Grove Midnight Moon Goat Cheese and a Pleasant Ridge Reserve Gruyere. Have I reviewed that one before? I'll have to check. (ok, checked - I haven't).

Cypress Grove... mmmm. From the makers of Humboldt Fog comes this delightful goat cheese. Slight crystallization for a bit of "crunch", but otherwise creamy and melts in your mouth. Nicely goaty. Gorgeous creamy color as well, with a black wax rind. Nutty flavor reminiscent of gruyere.

The Pleasant Ridge. I have to say, I normally love gruyeres, but this one left me disappointed. From Upland Cheese Company in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, this hard cheese just had a bit of an off taste to me. Only aged 4 months, in a natural rind, this one tasted much older to me. Dunno. I guess it was inevitable that I ran into a cheese that left me cold.