Friday, January 15, 2010

Code bleu

Is there anything like warm, melty cheese, oozy and stringy and yummy? I think not. That's why grilled cheese is probably the world's most perfect meal. It can be tailored to any situation, any mood. Feeling traditional? Kraft singles to the rescue. Feeling gourmet? Goat cheese, honey and prosciutto on sourdough, if you please. Someplace in the middle perhaps? Brie and ham with a smear of jelly, raspberry, perhaps, or the cranberry-jalapeno I so love with cheeses of all kinds. On a nice sturdy white bread, of course. George Duran, of "Ham on the Street", did a show on grilled cheese once, and introduced me to the idea that you can take any bread, any cheese, and any jam (go fig! But it does work) and make a killer gc sandwich. That sweet-salty combo is lovely - thanks George, for your dedication.

So, seeing as though my cheese drawer was woefully empty (except the Kraft singles - I've been on a kick lately!) I stopped at the market today, and 3 happy cheeses found their way into my basket. Seeing as though it's mid-January, and we are a handful of days away from midterm exams (didn't like them as a student, don't really enjoy them as a staff member either!), the cheeses are nice and familiar.

Once again, the honey goat cheese (from Montchevre, by the way!). I also have a happy container of fresh mozza and a wonderfully sharp white cheddar from New York. And peace once again came to the Whore House. Fire up the cast iron griddle, probably the best way to make them. Although, for kicks, the pie iron from camping, stuck in the wood burning stove, provides me with many smiles as well, as I sit on the floor in the light of the fire and lick cheese from my fingers...

Grilled cheese - because in these times, we could all use a bit more comfort and happiness. Peace out, cheese love

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